Wooden Decking

As the recognized leader of decking contractors, we are specialized in building custom-designed decks in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and Orange Counties for over 35 years. Allseason Contractors excels in building decks and professional deck installation. It’s our passion. Additional services such as Gazebos, pool decks and railings are also provided.

Grain patterns are prominent; its initial greenish color becomes a honey brown before fading to gray. It is available in nearly every lumber outlet in various grades and in common lumber dimensions plus 5/4 (spoken five-quarter) decking profiles. Tags stapled on the ends of lumber indicate the intended use, e.g., above ground or ground contact. Some dealers carry material that contains built-in water repellent or is re-dried after treatment.

The chemical preservative is forced into the wood cells under pressure. Pressure treated wood usually has a warranty against decay and termite damage, in most cases for the lifetime of the original purchaser. Preserved lumber is also used for fencing, landscaping, walkways, and other backyard projects.